Florence, 26th April 2021. Started in December 2019, the first stage of restoration work of the Fortezza walls has just ended, involving the curtain wall of the Bellavista Bastion and the portion overlooking Piazzale Montelungo. This restored part is in addition to those already previously freed from scaffolding, particularly the embrasure, including the one on the north side, still visible in its original layout, with the fire opening defending the curtain wall. The flooring of the walkway on top of the Bellavista Bastion still has to be completed.

Designed and supervised by the technicians of the Directorate of Technical Services -Service for Fine Arts and Works of Palazzo Vecchio for the Florence Municipality, the restoration of curtain walls was carried out under the direct supervision of the Superintendence (Superintendence of Archaeology Fine Arts and Landscape for the Metropolitan City of Florence and for the Provinces of Pistoia and Prato) and with the co-operation of CNR (National Research Council of Italy).

The Florence Municipality is also planning the other two work lots concerning the facing walls of the so-called Fortress of Saint John the Baptist – the first one involves the stretch of wall leading on from the end of the current work, circling the Rastriglia Bastion and reaching the main entrance of the Fortezza. The second lot concerns the stretch going from the entrance to the pond, also including the Donjon.

Renovation work for the Cavaniglia Pavilion is also being scheduled. Set to be expanded, the roof of this Pavilion will undergo a transformation to give the opportunity to complete the walkway on a stretch where it no longer exists. Interventions will also be made for the refurbishment of the Machiavelli Pavilion for exhibiting purposes.



Florence, 22nd April 2021.  The “Artisan’s Fortress” goes online. The 85th International Crafts Fair will open on Saturday, 24th April on the Emporio MIDA digital showcase. After 84 years of history and success, this special and innovative edition goes online, while waiting for the return of the physical fair, set to take place at the Fortezza da Basso from 23rd April to 1st May 2022.

For nine consecutive days – from next Saturday, 24th April, to Sunday, 2nd May 2021 – about a hundred selected exhibitors from various product sectors – clothes, accessories, furnishings, design, jewellery creations and high jewellery, international artifacts of artistic excellence, and food & wine products for gourmands – will present their work online. These will be unique pieces, combining ‘savoir-faire’ and historic workshops, not to mention the futuristic impulse of Makers, giving voice to future handicrafts.

The exhibition is free and open to everyone – you only need to click on Emporio MIDA (emporiomida.mostrartigianato.it) to get in touch directly with artisans, view their activities, select, and choose their most beautiful works browsing through photographs, videos and catalogues published online.

The programme of events organised by Firenze Fiera in co-operation with personalities from the world of institutions and associations is extremely rich, thanks to the support of a Scientific Committee formed by prominent members on a national scale in the field of culture, arts and arts and crafts.

The Fair will officially open on Saturday, 24th April at 12:00 with an opening ceremony, broadcast live from the Sala Verde at Villa Vittoria, in the presence of Lorenzo Becattini, President of Firenze Fiera, Eugenio Giani, President of the Region of Tuscany, Leonardo Bassilichi, President of the Florence Chamber of Commerce, Federico Gianassi, Councillor of Budget and Economic Activities for the Florence Municipality, Giacomo Cioni, President of CNA Firenze, Paolo Gori, Vice-President of Confartigianato Firenze.  Tamara Ermini, Vice-President of Firenze Fiera, will moderate the event.

Among the various initiatives on the first day of the Fair, spotlights are turned on the convention L’artigianato è futuro (Crafts Make the Future). From 12:45 to 14:45, a ‘virtual’ round table will take place featuring the members of the Scientific Committee for a constructive and stimulating dialogue on the future of handicrafts. The event will also deal with the relations between crafts as valorisation element of the genius loci and the territory, the role of crafts in the identity of post-pandemic fairs, possible relations and hybridisation between the ‘handmade world’ and the culture of project, the relationship between new technologies and the world of design, projects supporting historic workshops, the new generations of artisans, ideas to relaunch Tuscan arts and crafts, and the potential role of arts and craft galleries in the world.

“This new edition of the Fair opens with a strong sense of rebirth and restart for craft businesses”, stated Lorenzo Becattini, President of Firenze Fiera.  “We hope we managed to convey online the expectations of many Florence citizens and of all the beauty culture enthusiasts who, through the years, have seen the Fair as a fixed and unmissable event,


Florence, 21st April 2021. On Thursday 22nd April 2021, to mark World Earth Day, the third webinar preceding the Earth Tech Expo, a showcase for the green and digital transition of Italy, will take place from the Multi-Functional Hall of Palazzo Chigi. On schedule at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence from 13th to 16th October 2021 (free admission), this event will focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation, a presentation of analyses and models with projections on productive areas and sectors, and economic systems at risk.

The webinar will present a complete risk framework, also offering a framework of the opportunities to be seized. The European Commission and the Italian Government are working to launch Next Generation UE, a financial plan for the green and digital transition, which will be turned into a series of new and extraordinary opportunities for work, worksites, technological innovations, use of the great potential offered by 5G networks. This plan is also set to be a strategical driver to increase real-time and safety checks to protect from major natural risks.

The webinar will be coordinated by Mario Tozzi with Debora Coccio. Participants include Lorenzo Becattini, President of Firenze Fiera, along with Teresa Bellanova, Italian Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Fabrizio Curcio, Head of the Department of Civil Protection, Erasmo D’Angelis, Secretary-General of the Central Italy River Basin District Authority, Armando Zambrano, President of the National Council of Italian Engineers, and Franco Violo, President of the National Council of Italian Geologists.


Florence, 19th March 2021 – The fourth edition of DIDACTA ITALY FAIR will be closing tonight after offering 658 total events, including seminars, conventions, webinars, and immersive workshops, in addition to over 16,000 training hours for teachers.

This entirely online edition saw many new registrations. The new training sessions, such as the events dedicated to kindergarten 0-6, were incredibly successful, along with the event Fare, non provare (Do, and not just try to do) which, for the first time, saw the active participation of hundreds of school managers, and the project Didacta in classe (Didacta in Class), enthusiastically involving entire classes of students who, for the first year, actively participated in the Fair.

Thanks to the DIDACTA GREEN area and the participation of all the main actors, the focus of the educational debate of this edition was environmental education, the protection of our planet, circular economy, and green innovation, featuring an articulated programme of meetings, workshops, and good sustainable practices.

Among the most famous speakers, Enrico Letta, Secretary of the Italian Democratic Party (PD), who participated in the Convention Educazione alla cittadinanza attiva (Education in Active Citizenship) and in the event Musica e futuro virtuale (Music and Virtual Future), promoted and organised by the Fiesole School of Music, Andreas Schleicher, Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills at OECD and PISA, virologist Ilaria Capua, jurist Gherardo Colombo, actor and filmmaker Alessandro Gassmann, and Rossella Muroni, Vice-President of the Environment Committee of the Italian Parliament.

Many young people also graced the virtual showcase of Didacta Italy 2021 with their own stories and dreams to be shared with the new generations, such as singer and former math teacher Lorenzo Baglioni, and “space girl” and wannabe astronaut Linda Raimondo, a physics student at the University of Turin who talked about “Science, Dreams, STEM Subjects & Future”.

“This fully online edition of the Fair – said Lorenzo Becattini, President of Firenze Fiera – was a new, extraordinary, fascinating, and complex experience, and once again it confirmed that DIDACTA ITALY FAIR represents the most important annual event on Italian school innovation. That is why I would like to thank the Organising Committee, Indire, all our sponsors, partners and companies which supported us, along with the speakers, the teachers who registered and all the young people who participated in the Fair for the first time”.

“The next edition – concluded Becattini – will be held live from 10th to 12th March 2022 at the Fortezza da Basso, which, once again, will be the benchmark for the Italian school’s training and innovative courses, along with Florence and Tuscany”.


Over 1,500 buyers from 32 countries, more than 70,000 views, 92% of exhibitors satisfied.

Florence, 8th February 2021. The third edition of FIRENZE HOME TEXSTYLE – the most important Italian furnishing textile fair – successfully closed tonight (Monday), seeing the participation of around fifty leading companies of the sector which, for four consecutive days, showcased the latest collections and the iconic creations of the brands represented on a virtual platform.
While awaiting the return of the physical fair inside the pavilions of the Fortezza da Basso, in 2022, exhibitors expressed their satisfaction, appreciating the benefits of the platform activated by Firenze Fiera, which allowed a successful matching with over 1,500 new high-profile buyers coming from 32 different countries, generating over 70,000 page views.
Webinars aroused great interest, showing the fashion design trends of the textile world, and already giving a preview of the 2022/2023 Autumn/Winter season trends. The commercial section was supported by the project WUNDERKAMMER – La stanza delle meraviglie (The Room of Wonders), an area entirely dedicated to artistic textiles amidst tradition, innovation, and design, preserved in prestigious Tuscan locations such as the Antico Setificio Fiorentino (the Ancient Florence Silk Factory), Fondazione Lisio, the Stibbert Museum, the Textile Museum in Prato, and the Straw Museum in Signa.
FIRENZE HOME TEXSTYLE 2021 will continue until 21st June 2021 with “Business Goin’ On”. Four months of activities and new opportunity businesses, during which exhibitors will keep on meeting buyers virtually, thanks to organized and spontaneous meetings, and presenting their company and show rooms to operators thanks to the Video Live Experience. The event will close with the Firenze Home Texstyle Awards 2021, on schedule for 22nd June 2021.


“I think that moments of crisis always create new opportunities, as proved by this first digital fair, which was successfully held and made companies and buyers extremely satisfied”, said Lorenzo Becattini, President of Firenze Fiera. “Our hope is to be able to organise live fairs again and to benefit from the endless potential of the Web as an amplifier, as well as a strong boost to intercept all those highly qualified international clients living in faraway countries, who could normally find it hard to visit our fair”.


Florence, 3rd February 2021. Everything is ready for the third edition of FIRENZE HOME TEXSTYLE, opening online on Friday, 5th February, at 9:30 a.m. with a welcome greeting from Lorenzo Becattini, President of Firenze Fiera.

While awaiting the return of the physical fair in 2022, this is going to be a special online edition, seeing the participation of about fifty companies and 60 leading brands representing the Italian manufacturing sectors of home, marine, spa textiles, contract & hotel industry, textile publishing, and fragrances, which, in these last months are increasingly attracting the public attention.

In addition to companies, the event will also see the presence of buyers from department and concept stores, architects and interior designers, key players of the textile and furniture sector, along with opinion leaders, journalists, influencers, and bloggers looking for new trends and moods of the moment.

The event will take place from Friday, 5th to Monday 8th February 2021 and will offer many benefits, among them the opportunity to visit the virtual booths of exhibitors in the various pavilions, attend live meetings in video-call mode, B2B meetings, and participate in webinars to discover trends, styles, new materials, and the latest news in production processes. The fair will be followed by Business Goin’On, taking place from 9th February to 21st June 2021, where it will be possible to consolidate business relationships started during the opening days of the event, as well as to arrange new appointments and vote the Exhibitors for the Firenze Home TexStyle Awards 2021, on schedule for 22nd June 2021.

The programme offers various webinars, to which you can subscribe for free upon registering on the website www.firenzehometexstyle.com. Among them, do not miss a meeting with the Architecture Department – DIDA – of the University of Florence, taking place on Saturday, 6th February, at 10:00 am, and dealing with Technological Innovation Design in the Textile Sector – Stories’, presenting some possible innovative scenarios in the textile sector combined with design, by introducing research projects carried out with companies in the sector.

Always on Saturday, at 11:00 am, all those who love collecting textiles will have the chance to follow a presentation of Fabrics and Tapestries of the Stibbert Museum curated by Prof. Enrico Colle, Superintendent of this prestigious Florentine museum.

Furthermore, inside the so-called “Stanza delle meraviglie(Room of Wonders) visitors will have the opportunity to find out about and admire some artistic fabrics – unique pieces inspired by great works of art from the past and preserved inside historic manufactures and Tuscan museum collections. Among them, the Antico Setificio Fiorentino (the Ancient Florence Silk Factory), Fondazione Lisio, the Stibbert Museum, the Textile Museum in Prato, and the Straw Museum in Signa.

The Fair is sponsored by the Region of Tuscany, the Florence Municipality, the Metropolitan City of Florence, the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, and the Chamber of Commerce of Pistoia and Prato.

Thanks to a co-operation with ICE – the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade – which, for the first year, decided to enhance and support the fair, and Promofirenze, the exhibition will rely on the participation of buyers coming from various European countries such as France, Spain, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, and Great Britain, as well as from non-European strategic reference markets such as USA, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Japan, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama.

Admission to the Fair is free for all the sector professionals upon registration on the website www.firenzehometexstyle.com.

INFO: www.firenzehometexstyle.com



Florence, 2nd February 2021 – Being an integral part of the Florence congress and exhibition citadel managed by Firenze Fiera – Congress & Exhibition Center, along with the Fortezza da Basso and Palazzo dei Congressi, Palazzo degli Affari is now undergoing an aesthetic and functional restyling.

Firenze Fiera entrusted the project to Politecnica – among the most important Italian integrated planning company in the architecture, engineering, and urban planning fields – which is carried out in partnership with Architect Elio di Franco for the architectural design, Consilium for the engineering part, and Engineer Riccardo Chiti for the energy-related aspects.

The upgrading of the building touches various fields, including its architecture, structure, and systems, in synergy with the restoration of contemporary architecture, and features the reconstruction of the external façades, whose original aspect will be preserved to create a unique and coordinated image from a historical and functional point of view.

Carried out following the HBIM (Historic Building Information Modelling) method – an innovative design technology to restore existing buildings – the key objective of this renovation work is also to upgrade the building in terms of energy efficiency and effectiveness, to make it sustainable, particularly by redeveloping, reconstructing, and adapting its envelope, as well as upgrading the existing systems.

A new corridor obtained on the back, on the ground floor, will allow to maximise the aesthetic qualities and functionalities of the building, optimizing the use of spaces, thanks also to the construction of a large staircase connecting the basement, the ground floor and the first floor. Furthermore, the building will feature a panoramic terrace at the top available for the events, with a view of the main city monuments.

The restoration work was preceded by extensive historic and archival research which, thanks also to the support of a team of conservation and enhancement restoration experts, allowed to retrieve the original documents relating to the design and construction of the building, thus carrying out an operation of great scientific and documental value.

“The restoration of the building is proceeding according to the scheduled timetable”, said Lorenzo Becattini, President of Firenze Fiera. “Upon completion of the work, Palazzo degli Affari will be an elegant congress center, as well as an ultra-modern exhibiting space according to the most state-of-the-art technological standards, combining high technology, innovation, the use of renewable resources and a spatial and functional optimization. The ongoing renovation will also aim at upgrading the building in terms of energy efficiency and effectiveness to make it sustainable, particularly by redeveloping, reconstructing, and adapting its envelope, as well as upgrading its systems”.

“The project of Palazzo degli Affari stems from the property’s need to renovate the palace, built in the 1970s, turning it into an emblem of excellence and modernity within the great congress and exhibition center of Florence and Tuscany”, said Beatrice Gentili, Sales Manager of Politecnica for Italy. “The expertise of Politecnica, combined with the competence of the partners involved, made it possible for us to carry out a restoration project which will greatly improve the use of spaces, making Palazzo degli Affari a reference in the congress and exhibition sector for its equipment and its use of latest technology. This restoration and enhancement project is of great relevance, as much as other important works already implemented on the territory, such as the detailed design of the Uffizi, the project to monitor public access at Palazzo Pitti, and finally, the one of the ‘ex-Dogana’.”





Health emergency caused by COVID-19 has changed the habits of Italians, along with the economic stability of thousands of crafts businesses. Homebound by the infection prevention measures adopted by the Italian Government, many people buy their Christmas presents online.
In this scenario, initiatives to support businesses and calls to buy handicrafts multiply, helping the numerous business realities in need.
Firenze Fiera is doing the same, launching its video communication campaign to support craftsmanship and Emporio MIDA, the permanent digital showcase dedicated to exhibitors who will participate in the 85th edition of  the International Crafts Fair – MIDA 2021 set to take place in Florence, at the Fortezza da Basso, from 24th to 2nd May 2021.
Complete with the hashtag #regalartigiano (#craftsforchristmas), it is a call to support and buy handmade creations from our artisans as Christmas presents.
This campaign features 5 videos, made in co-operation with Riprese Firenze and Boiler Corporation.

INFO: https://emporiomida.mostrartigianato.it/ – www.facebook.com/mostrartigianato



Florence, 16th December 2020. Firenze Fiera’s shareholders’ meeting, which met today at the company headquarters, appointed the new Board of Directors for the 2020- 2022 three-year period. The meeting saw the presence of Eugenio Giani, President of the Regional Council of Tuscany, and of Florence Mayor Dario Nardella, remotely connected.

Unanimously elected, the new councillors of Firenze Fiera are Lorenzo Becattini, elected as President, Tamara Ermini as Vice-President, Carlotta FerrariGiancarlo Carniani and Claudio Bianchi. Sandra Bianchi – as President – and Laura Morini made their entrance in the Board of Auditors, while Silvano Nieri was reconfirmed.

Lorenzo Becattini graduated in Political Science with a dissertation on Public Economic Law, he coordinated the Tuscan Secretariat of the Italian Democratic Party (PD) and held various institutional and managerial roles – as Mayor of Reggello, President of FiorentinaGas and President of Toscana Energia from 2007 to 2015. From 2005 to 2009, he taught “Regional Economy of Tourism”. From July 2014 to March 2018, he held the role of MP of PD, elected for the Tuscan constituency, and was a member of the Commissione X – Productive Activities, Commerce & Tourism. In 1997, he handled the fusion of Firenze Fiera SpA as Economy Councillor for the Florence Municipality. Today, he is called to lead this company.

“I would like to thank the Board of Directors and the members for appointing me – says newly elected President Becattini – and, in particular, the outgoing President Leonardo Bassilichi for the excellent job done in these last three years, particularly for the renovation work already completed and on schedule at the Fortezza da Basso and Palazzo degli Affari. I am particularly glad to see that two women were elected in positions of responsibilities, with Tamara Ermini as Vice-President and Sandra Bianchi as President of the Board of Auditors”.

“Hoping that the Covid experience will soon be behind us – concluded Becattini – Firenze Fiera will carry on its mission as a solid congress and exhibition platform with more and more strength and effectiveness to generate value for the enterprises of the territory.”



Florence 28th November 2020. This morning, in the presence of Eugenio Giani, President of the Region of Tuscany, Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence, and Leonardo Bassilichi, President of Firenze Fiera, Engineer Michele Mazzoni from the Florence Municipality Technical Project Management, along with his staff, presented the restoration work for the Bellavista bastion. This is the first batch of recovery works for the 16th-century of the walls, as well as the first step towards the whole renovation works of the Fortezza da Basso, including not only the restoration of the bastion and historical walls, but also the upgrading of some pavilions such as Cavaniglia, Spadolini and Machiavelli, along with the building of the new Bellavista venue.

This portion of brickwork was the most degraded one of the whole fortress walls. Next to the northern embrasure of the Bastion, significant portions of walls showing a crumbled texture and clear signs of mold contamination were found, probably due to a prolonged contact with the soil leaning against the structure and furtherly revealed by the excavation works to build the underground car park.

Restoration works have also shown the detachment of the first three rows of bricks caused by weeds. These rows were dismantled and mounted again in the same exact position, reusing, where possible, the same bricks and integrating new handmade bricks bearing the same shape and composition.

In accordance with the Superintendence officials (in charge of protecting the monument), works also involved the opening of the northern embrasure of the Bellavista bastion. Restoration and cleaning procedures freed the opening from the non-original and temporary structures which had been characterizing it for decades.