Environmental Protection and Sustainability

#werecycle is the social and environmental sustainability programme of Firenze Fiera, involving all the fairs and events taking place inside our fair & congress centre.

Firenze Fiera has always been working hard to reduce the environmental impact connected with the organisation and development of all kind of events, focusing on recycling raw material – and therefore reducing the environmental impact – and on the best sustainable practices.
Our main activity areas involve waste management, collecting and donating food surpluses and green catering services.
Environmental protection and respect – our key values for your green event in Florence!



Maintaining focus on environmental sustainability, every day we do our best to minimise waste production during the events and congresses taking place in our fair & congress centre. Regular waste separation and recycling is proving to be effective, with over 50 percent of generated waste being taken back to the material cycle every year.
We actively involve our clients, organisers and participants in fairs & congresses, by offering them separate collection kits for paper / plastics / biodegradable materials for the disposal of waste generated during the event.


Firenze Fiera invites its clients and organisers to choose environmentally sustainable catering services during their events, meetings or fairs, by using MATER-BI disposable tableware, thus minimizing waste.
Thanks to our partner Gerist Ricevimenti, you can choose the MATER-BI Foodservice line.

We collect and donate food surpluses during events and congresses; we joined the food for good project to raise awareness against food waste, and collect food surpluses with the support and collaboration of Gerist Ricevimenti.

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The laziest ones can reach the Fortezza da Basso or Palazzo dei Congressi and Palazzo degli Affari by public transport,connecting the historical city centre with the suburbs. Otherwise, you can rent a bike and use the convenient bike sharing service.

If you reach Florence by car or by coach, you can respect the environment and reduce air pollution by leaving your car in the “Drive and Tramway” carpark and arriving by tramwayeducing pollution caused by transport is an excellent way to improve environmental sustainability.